We have always strived to offer you the latest technology and the best care possible. The Toronto Eye Clinic has the latest technology for retinal tomography.   The doctors are able to look inside the back of your eye and take a laser picture of your retina or a tomograph of your nerve- head or macula. These are used to detect health problems and are used to refer back to, so any changes in eye health can be monitored better in terms of continuity of care. See the section under Glaucoma for more information on Heidelberg Retinal Tomograph and Optical Coherence Tomography.

fundus toronto eye clinic

The pictures below are examples of the back of the eye ( retina ), on the right a healthy eye and on the left an unhealthy eye. We are able to use laser tomography to look at the layers of the retina in great detail which is much more valuable than fundus photography.

fundus toronto eye clinic

Healthy Eye

Unhealthy Eye
(the magenta lines outlines the problem area)

The doctors will use the tomographs in the same way that a dentist uses x-rays. The tomographs enable the doctors to monitor and compare the internal health of your eyes from year to year. This test must be done to document the health of your eyes because it can change at any age and many times you will feel and see no symptoms.

Many services that are offered in this office are covered by OHIP for patients under age 20 or over age 65, except Heidelberg Tomography.  We would like to include your Retinal tomographs in your eye health chart.